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Allnex Introduces Universal Pigment Grinding Medium for Non‐Aqueous Industrial Paint and Coatings with Improved Performance and an Increased Color Palette

November 1, 2013

With ADDITOL XL 6557, a polymeric, multifunctional universal grinding
medium from Allnex, it is possible to formulate cost‐effective, weather‐resistant, high‐concentration solventbased
pigment pastes that enable formulation of a wide range of high‐performing, solventborne industrial

Industrial coatings today require increasingly sophisticated color performance and color matching. Traditional
grinding resins used for the production of pigment pastes have not kept pace with advances in binder and
formulation technology, however, and there is a strong need for new pigment paste technology.
ADDITOL XL 6557 is a universal solution to these issues. This polymeric grinding medium is designed to
efficiently disperse, stabilize and transport organic and inorganic pigments in non‐aqueous industrial paints and
coatings, such as coil coatings, marine and heavy duty anti‐corrosive paints, agriculture, industrial wood, and
other metal coatings.

Importantly, ADDITOL XL 6557 is compatible with a wide range of resin types, including acrylics, epoxy esters,
ureas, amino resins and nitrocellulose, as well as with many alkyd and polyesters. It is also soluble in large
variety of solvents, with optimum dilution achieved in aromatic solvents, ketones, esters, and ethers.
In addition, the functional modification of the polymer backbone leads to a strong affinity of ADDITOL XL
6557 with pigments, enabling the preparation of high concentration colorants with a broader color palette. Its
resin‐like structure also enhances the overall performance of paint formulations in terms of adhesion to metal
substrates, high hardness, yellowing and weathering resistance, high gloss, good drying properties, good
mechanical properties, and high water and corrosion resistance.

Furthermore, with its multifunctional drying and crosslinking capability, ADDITOL XL 6557 can be used for cocrosslinking
of pigment pastes into 2K polyurethane resins or amino crosslinking baking systems or with airdrying

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