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Ross Offers Skid-Mounted Agitated Reactors

November 5, 2013

Ross offers a wide range of custom-designed agitated reactors for chemical processes and sanitary applications. This selection includes new designs of skid-mounted high-pressure reactors specially developed to meet the exact needs of end users.

30-gallon dished-bottom reactors are each equipped with a top-entering impeller agitator, dip tube, multiple feed ports, removable thermowell and flush bottom ball valve. Designed for 100 psig internal pressure at 200oF, the reactor vessels are built to ASME Code Section VIII, Div. 1 and registered with the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors. A dry-running single mechanical seal allows the agitator to be operated at the in-tank pressures. The vessel sides and bottom include a 50-psig baffled jacket for heating/cooling to the optimal reaction temperature.

Powered by an explosion-proof motor to run up to 500 rpm, the variable speed agitator delivers precise mixing at all stages of the reaction. An intrinsically safe local control panel installed on the skid enables operators to control mixer speed, read power load and start/stop the reactor. The mixer can also be controlled from a remote PLC control panel.