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Union Process Manufactures First Attritor with Telescoping Head

November 8, 2013

nion Process, Inc. has produced its first Attritor with a telescoping head. The company custom-designed the special telescoping head to facilitate maintenance and access to the grinding tank. By raising the head assembly, the customer is able to easily change out grinding tanks. The cantilever designed telescoping head was the first ever built by Union Process.

The SL-30 batch production Attritor will be used in an R&D application to grind materials in liquid nitrogen. As such, the mill includes a vented cover for cryogenic grinding with liquid nitrogen and a phase separator. A liquid nitrogen controller is used to maintain liquid nitrogen levels during the milling process. The product discharge is equipped with a cryogenic ball valve.

The mill features a 304SS grinding tank that is jacketed for cooling. The agitator shaft is constructed of stainless steel. Specially configured arms are 440C stainless steel.