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Cortec Presents EcoClean VpCI - 432/433

November 18, 2013

Cortec Corp. offers EcoClean VpCI-432/433 rapidly biodegradable, non-corrosive, non-toxic, heavy-duty paint strippers and graffiti removers. They are designed to remove polymers, inks, resins and coatings from concrete and wood surfaces as well as difficult to remove 2-part epoxies from metals without any damage.

These environmentally safe formulations are designed for maximum consumer safety and therefore do not contain methylene chloride, chlorinated solvents, methanol, toluene, acetone, etc. Unlike methylene chloride-based products that evaporate quickly, EcoClean VpCI®-432/433 remain on the surface to soften, penetrate and remove the coating.
The stripping time varies from 3 to 30 minutes, depending on the type and number of layers to be removed. EcoClean VpCI-432/433 – available as heavy-duty liquid or gel formulations have a unique combination of vapor and contact inhibiting compounds to prevent corrosion, flash rusting and discoloration of ferrous  metals, aluminum, copper and brass after paint removal.

EcoClean VpCI-432/433 are multi-purpose formulations that are effective on a wide range of paints, lacquers, enamels, waxes, alkyds,  acrylics, urethanes and epoxies. They soften most paints and allow easy removal. The products can be stored indoors without restrictions.

According to Cortec, EcoClean VpCI-433 graffiti remover is formulated to be an exceptionally smooth flowing gel for applications that require complete coverage to vertical surfaces or surfaces of varying geometry. VpCI-432/433 are non-caustic and water cleanable. The products are classified as exempt from Rule 422 (photochemically non-reactive). 


• Metal tanks and pipes
• Spray booths,
• Structural supports
• Spray equipment
• Machine tools
• Workbenches, pipes, railcars, vehicles, airplanes 
• Buildings, floors, stairways, pavement, road surfaces, etc.

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