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Renew Energy Resources Announces the Launch of Vertically Integrated Renewable Energy Solutions

December 4, 2013

 Renew Energy Resources, Inc. (Pink Sheets:REER) ("RENEW" or the "COMPANY") announced the launch
of Vertically Integrated Renewable Solutions, a new and progressive way
of creating profitable renewable energy through vertical integration
and end-to-end supply chain management, partnerships, and ownership.
This concept was first filed in the Company's 2007 10K and has been in
constant revision and experimentation since then. The Company
anticipates rolling out multiple partnerships, acquisitions and
operating opportunities first in BioDiesel and then in sucrose based
Ethanol. The initial phase of the plan is anticipated to commence in
Q-1 2014.

The Company also anticipates being able to bring a new financing model
to support Vertically Integrated Renewable Solutions that will
ultimately allow all parties to participate in risk and profitability
throughout the supply chain thus aligning all parties toward mutual

The Company filed an 8K with a more detailed Business Plan.