Chromasens allPIXA Color Line Scan Camera Proves Versatile Imaging Solution Across Multiple Industri

December 6, 2013

This highly-adaptable modular camera is being deployed in hundreds of machine vision applications, ranging from quality control of semiconductors,  flat screen televisions, and natural or artificial materials... to highly complex color sorting processes and measuring tasks.

"Our customers come up with new applications for the allPIXA almost daily," said Martin Hurd, CEO of Chromasens GmbH. "To give them the support they need, we have expanded the camera's functionality as well as added an application programming interface (API). Our newest firmware supports on-board color processing with up to 4 individual sets of high-performance color conversion matrix (CCM) plus offers internal camera keystone distortion compensation."

The allPIXA is the most powerful of Chromasens' line scan cameras by featuring the fastest CCD trilinear color line scan sensor on the market today. With scan rates up to 110 kHz, resolutions ranging from 1024- to 7300-pixels, and several sensor length options, it gives OEM customers unprecedented flexibility in design. And in order to transmit this massive amount of data, the allPIXA's CameraLink interface was expanded to a maximum data rate of 510 MByte per second. The result is color objects can now be inspected either at the previous image quality but at a considerably faster rate, or at the same speed but in greater detail.
Ultra-compact dimensions let engineers cascade several, synchronized allPIXA cameras in close proximity for inspecting larger track widths. Its rugged housing is suitable for industrial environments and offers several mounting possibilities. Adding to its versatility, the camera comes equipped with a flexible programmable, digital I/O interface for different signal types (LVDS, LVTTL, RS422), alongside trigger input and output.