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Fluon ETFE Rotolining Powders Provide Superior Corrosion Protection for Tanks, Valves, Pipes, Pumps

December 11, 2013

AGC Chemicals Americas Inc. announces that its Fluon® ETFE powders are ideal for seamless rotolining of industrial equipment used in chemical processing applications in the food, petroleum and potable water/wastewater industries. Rotolining vessels with ETFE is superior to traditional sheet lining methods because the free-flowing ETFE powder naturally conforms to interiors and does not typically require welding and sealing.

Fluon ETFE is a melt-processable copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene and ethylene. Fluon ETFE powders possess outstanding physical toughness and high resistance to heat and chemical attack. Fluon ETFE powders feature:
·     Excellent bonding to metal
·     Seamless interior lining of intricate and complex objects with a uniform desired thickness
·     Ability to conform to the interior of virtually any size and shape vessel
·     Allows for post machining of critical surfaces
·     Lining thickness up to 0.250”
·     A mold-free process for reduced mold and tooling costs