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LyondellBasell's Microthene F Powders for Coatings Receive Expanded FDA Clearance

December 26, 2013

LyondellBasell can offer customers a wider range of food-contact applications for its Microthene F polyethylene powders as a result of a recent U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance. This expanded clearance allows for a number of new food-contact applications for Microthene F power such as plastic bags, containers and trays.

Microthene F powder particles are spherically shaped fine powders and are available in low- and high-density polyethylene grades. Microthene F powders can now be used for food contact applications with any polymer and food type at any temperature.

"This expanded FDA clearance opens doors for a wider range of exciting applications for our customers and for LyondellBasell" said Jim Krohn, Microthene marketing manager for LyondellBasell. "Microthene F can reduce the potential for pellet agglomeration when used as a dusting or partitioning agent for tacky polymers." Established in the market for more than 40 years, customers use Microthene F powders in a variety of applications including low-profile additives for thermosets and composites, pultrusion processing aids, binding agents for filters or batteries and additives for coatings and adhesives. Microthene F products are sold globally and produced in the midwestern United States.

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