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Nipsea Group Buys Guangzhou Supe Chemical

December 31, 2013

Nipsea Group won an auction held in Shanghai to become the majority shareholder of Guangzhou Supe Chemical Co. Ltd, a company whose wide range of industrial floor coatings and innovative technologies will help Nipsea further boost its competitiveness in the China market and diversify its product portfolio.

As one of the largest players in the fast growing floor coatings market, Supe boasts 26 years of professional experience in surface treatment. Supe's well-established marketing network distributes coatings to cover some 10 million square meters of construction space annually, the company reported.

As China's investments in infrastructures continue to grow, market demand for floor coating, water-proof coating and protective coating has huge potential. Nipsea Group's latest acquisition, coupled with their existing depth and presence in China, expects vigorous expansion into the various fields of industry.

Nipsea Group is a highly growth-oriented company with a clear strategy in diversifying their product offerings in the Chinese paint and coatings market. The quest is to become a key and comprehensive player with a complete product line, strengthening and driving the pace of meeting market and consumer needs.

Nipsea Group has always focused on the development of Asia's paint industry. Over the years, Nippon Paint brand, with its emphases on environmentally friendly, innovative technologies and superior performance paint products, has rapidly gained market and customer recognition as a diversified and premium player focused on customer service.

In the future, Nipsea Group will continue to explore other specialized paint industries and applications to provide customers with the best product experience available. (AD)