United Gilsonite Laboratories Launches New Concrete Toner under the DRYLOK Brand

January 2, 2014

If your once pristine concrete, stamped or otherwise, has seen better days, UGL’s new DRYLOK Concrete Toner is the product for you.  DRYLOK Concrete Toner is designed as a concrete tone coat to even out discolorations, stains and blotches with ease.  Unlike most stains, DRYLOK Concrete Toner penetrates at an even ratio, eliminating uneven color that only a professional can make desirable.   Just like wood decks, those concrete slabs that had color added to the mix can fade and dull with age, with DRYLOK Concrete Toner, you can enhance this faded concrete with a little color without hiding the concrete texture or stamping that cost a pretty penny when new.

Stamped or other type of decorative concrete surfaces such as driveways, patios, pool decks and other architectural surfaces can get back their vigor with DRYLOK Concrete Toner.  DRYLOK Concrete Toner is a protective, color coat that can be applied with some predictability unlike concrete stains that have high level of contrast and variation.  DRYLOK Concrete Toner is an economical but effective way to restore the color and appearance of your decorative concrete surfaces.
Available in 3 colors and a tint base for custom coloring.  Visit us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for more information.