BASF Launches Glasurit 183-90 1K Express Primer Filler

January 3, 2014

BASF has recently launched Glasurit 183-90 1K Express Primer Filler, dark grey for a more efficient paint process. Glasurit 183-90 1K Express Primer Filler, dark grey is available ready for use in the spray can, as a quick solution for minor sand-throughs or spot repairs. Even minor innovations can make the painting process more efficient.
The new express primer filler is always at hand, fast-drying and offers good finish quality and good corrosion protection. Above all, it is a supplement to the tried-and-tested Glasurit 183-70 1K Express Primer Filler, light grey. With this alternative, Glasurit now offers bodyshops express primer fillers as well in a variety of gray shades. This gives painters the possibility to select the color of the express primer filler according to the subsequent topcoat color. So bodyshops can now save topcoat material and reduce process times too - a small burst of the spray can with a lasting effect in terms of greater efficiency.