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BASF Named one of China’s Top Employers for Fourth Consecutive Year

January 21, 2014

For the fourth consecutive year, BASF, the world’s leading chemical company, has been named one of China’s Top Employers. This prestigious award recognizes BASF’s continuous achievements in human resources (HR) management and people development.

The evaluation was conducted by the Top Employers Institute (formerly known as the CRF Institute), one of the world's leading research institutions in the field of HR, leadership and strategy.

BASF earned excellent results in all aspects of the study. Organizations were evaluated in various HR areas such as primary benefits, secondary benefits and working conditions, training and development, career opportunities and culture management. This review was followed by a professional human resources questionnaire and interviews. The evaluation process has been accredited by an external accountant, Grant Thornton.

The panel was particularly impressed by BASF’s efforts in providing excellent working conditions with various creative management initiatives, including secondary benefits and performance-management programs, which reflect the open and caring corporate culture, according to the company.

“Human capital development is one of the key levers of BASF’s Asia Pacific strategy. At BASF, our employees are empowered to fully explore their potential while integrating their personal vision and professional endeavors.” said Johnny Kwan, Senior Vice President, Country Platform & Functions, Greater China, BASF. “At BASF, we create an open envrionment that encourages each individual to be creative, candid, and responsible, and to act as an entrepreneur.”

“At BASF we enable employees to take ownership and have a stronger voice in their professional development. Talent management is a collaborative responsibility for employees, managers and HR,” said Lars Reichmann, Vice President, Human Resources, Greater China, BASF.

BASF gives employees the opportunity to shape their professional development through self-assessment, information about development opportunities and exchange of ideas and collaboration with managers. Both employees and managers are provided with explicit specifications and tools to facilitate constructive development dialogue with and create a structured development plans.

In the past year, BASF has put special efforts into talent management, recruitment and staffing, cultural and organizational change, and training and development, as well as leadership development. It also offers employee assistance program, sports and recreational activities as well as parent-child events. In addition, employees are encouraged to take part in community volunteer work.