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Dunn-Edwards Launches Improved Aquafall Flat Interior Dry Fall Paint

January 27, 2014

Dunn-Edwards has introduced a new and improved version of its Aquafall Flat interior dry fall paint. Aquafall Flat is ideal for commercial warehouses, factories, retail outlets, hangars, parking structures and other facilities where overspray cannot be tolerated.

Aquafall Flat exhibits very good adhesion to galvanized heating ducts, foil-wrapped ducts, steel girders, masonry and wood. "In addition to its excellent adhesion properties, this premium product provides for easy clean-up." said Brad Stradling, associate product manager.

Like all other Dunn-Edwards products, Aquafall Flat is eco-friendly, ethylene glycol (EG)-free and produced in the world’s only LEED Gold-certified paint manufacturing plant.