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SEAL FOR LIFE Industries Selects New North American Stocking Distributor

February 10, 2014

Midsun Specialty Products, Inc. (MSP) announced that it has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Seal For Life Industries (SFL), a newly restructured division of Berry Plastics Corporation, that brings the corrosion preventative Stopaq product line to the Northeast United States.

“The addition of the Stopaq line to the MSP offering is a defining moment in the evolution of MSP. The technologies enhance our current product lines thus allowing us to better serve our current customers while acquiring new ones,” said Mark Hatje, CEO of MSP “The synergy between Stopaq and MSP mirrors our vision of vertical growth and innovation. This new relationship underscores our commitment to sustaining a bright and rewarding future for many years to come.”

MSP’s territory includes Northeast America from Maryland to Maine and covers the oil and gas pipeline, refinery and water and waste markets, among others. MSP will also explore new opportunities for Stopaq in the Mining industry. Along with providing excellent distribution services in these areas, MSP has assembled a corrosion prevention application team run by Edward Poplawski, Manager of MSP’s Corrosion Group. Edward adds, “With the addition of Stopaq-SFL products, MSP is dedicating an entire division focused on the corrosion prevention industry. We’re continually researching and developing new and improved applications to better serve our clients. I look forward to growing our relationship with Stopaq and the SFL team, and I’m positive that MSP will play a meaningful role introducing this new and exciting technology to the US markets.” The application team is capable of providing services ranging from on-site client training to full turn-key installations of Stopaq products.

Stopaq corrosion prevention technology was invented in the Netherlands, and over the past 20 years, it has been perfected and applied on pipeline and other critical infrastructures across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and beyond. “We expect this technology to revolutionize corrosion prevention on existing structures by dramatically extending life expectancy of aging assets and provide long-term protection of new structures across the U.S.,” said Edward Poplawski.

About Midsun Specialty Products, Inc.
MSP originated as a silicone tape division of Midsun Group. Founded in 1992, Midsun Group has been a leading provider of corrosion, flashover, and animal mitigation products for the electrical utility industry. In 2009, rapid growth of the silicone tape division warranted the expansion into a new incorporated facility. Since then, MSP has been a provider of silicone and specialty products to industries across the globe. Best known for its foothold in the self-fusing silicone tape DIY and retail markets, MSP strives to deliver the latest technologies and niche products to industries in need of alternative solutions while keeping customer service and quality a constant priority. Today, MSP is privately held and headquartered in Berlin, Connecticut. More information about MSP is available at
About Stopaq
Stopaq BV, part of the Berry Plastic’s Seal for Life Group, manufactures and distributes a wide range of green visco-elastic coatings and sealants to protect critical infrastructures from corrosion and water ingress. Stopaq products are used in many versatile applications in the oil and gas industry, the water and waste water industry and many other market segments, both onshore and offshore. Its patented technology features limited surface preparation, exceptional adhesion, a continuous flow of material over the substrate, self-healing of minor damages, and no ageing. Stopaq’s intrinsic corrosion protection properties combined with appropriate mechanical protection ensures that your assets are sealed for life.