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MDSonline Streamlines Design of Chemical Management Solution for Enhanced Mobile Experience

February 13, 2014

MSDSonline, a cloud-based chemical management solutions, has refreshed the design of its user interface and added new tools to provide a better online and mobile experience across various technologies for its customers. While the familiar layout of the application remains the same, users will find a cleaner design, greater functionality and a more consistent experience across PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

According to Mike Flynn, MSDSonline's VP of product development & strategy, improvements to the chemical management system grew out of
ongoing conversations with customers and other safety professionals. Flynn said, "We have thousands of loyal customers, including many
industry leaders, who share with us their great ideas and feedback on ways to improve our system so that it continues to evolve along with the changing role of EH&S professionals."

Flynn continued, "We're seeing safety professionals, across industries, trying to free themselves from the confines of their offices and desks
and to get out on the frontlines with their employees where they can have the greatest impact on chemical safety."

MSDSonline's solution gives customers access to a full suite of
critical chemical information on the devices they use every day,
including on-demand access to safety data sheets, label information, PPE information and regulatory lists.