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Sherwin-Williams' New Log Home Stain & Enhanced Deckscapes WB Stain for Wood Finishing

March 12, 2014

Sherwin-Williams' recently launched new Log Home Stain and improved Deckscapes Waterborne Semi-Transparent Stain. The innovative exterior products were unveiled at the International Builders' Show 2014; provide ultraviolet (UV) protection and a long-lasting, high-quality look in less time.

Designed for log home exteriors, Log Home Stain is a water-based formula that delivers a high-quality satin sheen and varnish-like finish for an appealing look and enhanced weathering characteristics. Requiring just two coats to achieve maximum performance, it offers the easy application and cleanup of a traditional water-based stain. Convenient in-store tinting and a four-hour recoat time allow many jobs to be completed in a single day. UV inhibitors help extend the life of the finish, so the sleek, satin sheen lasts for years.

Enhanced Deckscapes Waterborne Semi-Transparent Stain provides durable protection for all exterior horizontal wood surfaces. With improved weathering similar to an oil-based stain, Deckscapes will wear away, rather than peel and blister, at the end of its life cycle. It can be applied on damp wood, so most jobs can be finished in a single day. Whether applying to new or weathered wood, Deckscapes penetrates deeply, giving properly prepared decks excellent protection from sun, mildew and premature weathering.