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P2i Opens Facility in China

March 26, 2014

P2i,  a manufacturer of  liquid repellent nano-coating technology, recently opened a new technology center in Shenzhen, China, following increased demand for its protective coatings on consumer electronics such as smartphones, tablets and wearable devices.

“As a proven technology solutions provider, P2i is already experiencing commercial success with the Splash-proof nano-coating," said Carl Francis, chief executive officer, P2i. "Over 50 million consumers are already benefiting with more reliable devices as brands such as Motorola, Plantronics and GN ReSound apply the technology onto their products as a standard part of the manufacturing process.

“In 2014 the next generation Dunkable technology will be released into the marketplace allowing devices to work underwater without heavy, expensive, bulky, and heat retentive seals and membranes. It is already generating huge interest and the opening of the new office is a reflection of this.

“The new Shenzhen facility will allow us to hold strategic meetings with brands and OEMs close to their own manufacturing sites in China. Staffs from across the organizations (and their ODM partners) will be able to see first-hand how simple the Splash-proof and Dunkable™ technologies are to apply to electronics and how easily the nano-coating systems integrate into mainstream, high-volume manufacturing.”

Initially, the P2i Technology, Shenzhen office, will host 17 staff in roles including administration and finance through to implementation technicians and process engineers.

Donald Zhang, general Manager China, P2i, said : “The location of the new P2i office in Shenzhen is close to P2i’s customers, allowing us to deliver application development and technical capability at their greatest convenience. It also helps us to attract and retain the very best staff, as the Shenzhen area is a hot-bed for talented and experienced operational employees with high skillsets.”

With a large number of P2i nano-coating systems already in operation in customer facilities in China, the new office provides an opportunity to extend the operational support to include pre-production development work.

Peter Rankin, Chief Operations Officer, comments: “In 2013, we installed a record number of systems for pre-existing customers around the world. Partners who have proven out the technology are now very keen to widen the product range protected by the Splash-proof coating and capitalize on being among the first to market with this revolutionary technology. Being able to validate the technology offering close to their product sites will increase this speed to market.”

The P2i Technology, Shenzhen office, will also provide a central hub for customer support services which ensure the uptime and efficiency of the P2i nano-coating systems within customer manufacturing sites.

Rankin explains: “In January alone, P2i had over a million smartphones going through our nano-coating systems in China. Having local support services means we can respond to any production stresses in a timely manner, while remote monitoring allows us to spot potential issues before they arise. Routine interaction with the systems means we can update the technology offering ensuring our customers always have the best possible performance.”