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TBF Environmental Completes U.S. Distribution Network

May 1, 2014

TBF Environmental Technology Inc., a world leader in the development of VOC-exempt industrial solvents, has announced the appointment of two US distributors, who will help the company maximize the penetration of its toxic-free solvent products across North America.

Palmer Holland, Inc., with hubs in five major cities will distribute TBF products to the Eastern, Southern and Mid-western regions. 
Dorsett & Jackson, based in Los Angeles, will cover distribution for the US West Coast, Alaska and the Rocky Mountain states.

David W. Rowat, TBF CEO said:  “The appointment of two well-established and respected distributors like Palmer Holland and Dorsett & Jackson are an important step for TBF. The commitment of our new distributors demonstrates the growing commercial acceptance of our effective, green solvents.  We expect to see a rapid increase of our sales in 2014 and beyond.”

TBF develops and manufactures environmentally-friendly solvents that replace toxic solvents commonly used in the workplace.  Industrial solvents release Volatile Organic Compounds to the atmosphere which can cause serious damage to the long-term health of people, including tremors, impaired memory, hearing loss, and central nervous system damage.  TBF’s alternative solvents are the only products which work effectively across a range of industrial applications which are also safe for humans and the environment.

Palmer Holland, established in 1925, distributes a wide range of products for several multi-national chemical manufacturers through its network of more than 40 sales reps. Mark Riemann, VP Sales said: “This is one of the most significant developments in the last 20 years. We believe this patent pending product will allow our customers to open new markets with the next generation of performance and compliance balanced products.”

Dorsett & Jackson, founded in 1954, distributes a wide range of industrial chemicals to industries in the Western US.  Ryan Yokoyama, VP - Director of Sales, Dorsett & Jackson said:  “We are very excited to have the opportunity to market a line of environmentally-friendly solvents that actually work. Our customers have been waiting for many years for eco-friendly, VOC-exempt solvents with excellent performance.”

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