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Air Products Unveils Siloxane-based Superwetters Dynol 977E and 979E

May 19, 2014

Air Products has introduced two new superwetting surfactants – Dynol 977E and 979E for siding board coatings, adding to its portfolio for waterborne formulations.

Specially designed to address the challenges facing formulators on airless-spray of siding board coatings, the new superwetting surfactants provide better coverage and leveling performance on rugged surfaces with equal or less dosage used in the formulations.

Dynol 977E and 979E superwetting surfactants are optimized siloxane-based surfactants that can provide a superior balance of properties including high atomization, very low equilibrium and dynamic surface tension reduction, and good system compatibility. These low-odor products contain no added alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEs) and are easy to handle. They complement Air Product's existing non-silicone superwetting products, enabling the company to offer a complete portfolio of superwetting surfactants to help customers quickly solve the problems associated with coating difficult-to-wet substrates.