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Saudi Green Building Forum Provides Green Technology Resources for Saudi Arabia and the Middle East

May 19, 2014

The Saudi Green Building Forum (SGBF), a trust foundation initiated by King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, is continuing its effort to promote the King’s vision of leading the construction industry as a champion of the green building movement in the Middle East by providing green resources to professionals active in green construction and procurement.

“We are discussing these issues at the annual conference and the challenges facing the building materials of the construction industry, an area unsupported for eco-friendly product procurement in Saudi Arabia.” said  Faisal Alfadl, secretary general of SGBF. "We are delighted about the opportunity to leverage GreenStar Hub’s technology in SGBF’s mission to provide point-of-access to products, service providers, vendors, and policies by the Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO) to local communities that are affected by the green built environment."    

GreenStar Hub’s (GSH) CEO, Tam Phung, met with stakeholders in Riyadh. The panel discussion revealed a strong interest for green resources, technology, training, and building materials database. GSH intends to use local partners for third party certifications, logistics, and tenders fulfillment. The GSH portal for GreenStar Rated products, in collaboration with Saudi Arabia Accredited Fronds (Sa’af), a green labeled system by SGBF, and SASO will include products available locally to the 700 plus registered green-building specialists, contractors, and other stakeholders.

In March 2014, the Presidency of Meteorology and Environment (PME) announced that all companies must meet new air, water, and noise pollution        standards in five years. All projects must fit into Saudi's plan for international development, and meet international standards as part of the environmental plan to protect Saudi's health and natural resources. GSH is an aggregator of such green policies and international standards.

SGBF Resources powered by GSH will provide members access to its marketplace and catalog of green products and vendors. Developers can showcase their projects and best-practices on GSH’s GreenWall microblog platform and mobile app. Local vendors and international greentech manufacturers will be able to list products in the portal, and consultants will have access to the resource, many with SASO and Sa’af certifications.