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ISO Certifies Axalta’s Abcite 1060 for Offshore Corrosion Protection Applications

May 22, 2014

The Abcite 1060 powder coating system from Axalta Coating Systems has passed the equirements of ISO 20340 for single layer protective paints for applications offshore and related structures. In addition, the coating system offers flexible and primer-free application, requires virtually no maintenance and is durable.
Coatings for parts and components used in offshore environments have to fulfill stringent requirements. High humidity and saline air in combination with intense UV radiation create a highly corrosive environment. At the same time, the coating is exposed to extreme mechanical stress in the splash zone. Abcite, which already meets the requirements of ISO 12944-6 for corrosion protection class C5-M High and Im3 High, has proved its worth for many years under these conditions, the company stated.
ISO 20340 is regarded as the most important corrosion test for the performance of protective paint systems for offshore and related structures. In this test coated and scribed steel substrates are exposed to typical damage mechanisms including salt spray, UV radiation, and temperature shocks for 25 weeks. Abcite met the demanding requirements of ISO 20340. After 25 test cycles no external damage of the coated layer was observed and the scribed areas did not show any delamination or corrosion infiltration.
Abcite was applied to the steel substrate without a primer or any other adhesion promoters and as a mono-layer, illustrating that it offers a degree of corrosion protection usually achieved by a three- to five-layer liquid paint system. There are both economic and ecological advantages to using Abcite. Compared to three-layer, solvent-based liquid paint systems, material savings estimated at more than 40 percent are possible, and the coating process consumes less energy. Furthermore, Abcite does not contain solvents, bisphenol or any hazardous substance subject to selected national regulations.
Abcite is also an ideal coating solution for corrosion protection in other applications. It has been successfully used to coat piping and fittings (inside and outside) for potable water and sewage transportation, traffic and road facilities (traffic lights and traffic signs), vessels, buildings, industrial plants as well as fences and outdoor furniture.

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