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Webinar on Creating a Lean Lab

May 30, 2014

METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to present a webinar that explains
the analogies of lean manufacturing with lean lab and suggests aspects of our instruments that can
help participants convert their lab into a lean lab. The webinar will provide participants with some ideas
on how they can use technical aspects of their laboratory equipment and workflows to optimize their
processes according to the lean idea.
The success stories, especially the productivity gain of “Lean
Manufacturing” generated a wish to transfer this concept to other
areas of business. Lab Managers and coordinators are now being
asked to convert their laboratory into a lean lab. As there is no
common standard for a ‘Lean Lab’, METTLER TOLEDO will provide
some analogies of lean manufacturing and suggest aspects of our
products that will help convert any lab into a lean lab.
This webinar covers:
• Principles of the ‘Lean’ Idea
• Analogies between Lean Manufacturing and Lean Lab
• Which Degree of Automation is Helpful
• Ways to Reduce Waste in the Lab and Increase Efficiency

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