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Materials from Bayer MaterialScience

June 26, 2014

Whether overhead, underfoot or lighting the way and
protecting surfaces – Bayer MaterialScience LLC provides architects and design
professionals materials they can build on. Stable temperatures, efficient lighting,
durable windows and resilient wall coatings are just a few of the many solutions
possible with Bayer materials.

Bayer will highlight its material offerings for applications ranging from lighting,
daylighting, insulation and security glazing to polyurethane coatings for kitchen
cabinets, floors and walls during The American Institute of Architects (AIA) Expo
2014. The AIA Expo, held June 26-28, in Chicago, is the largest annual gathering
of architects and design professionals in the U.S. Attendees are invited to stop by
Bayer’s booth (#1654).

Here’s a look at what Bayer will have on display.
Raw materials for high-performance, sustainable coatings
Through Bayer’s architectural house model, attendees can see firsthand the
diverse applications enhanced by polyurethane coatings. Combining
functionality, sustainability and beauty, coatings utilizing Bayer raw materials
preserve and protect applications ranging from the kitchen cabinets to the steps
leading upstairs, to the bedrooms and bathroom floors and walls in the miniature

Strong, light-transmissive, protective polycarbonate sheet and resins
Design engineers and architects turn to polycarbonates from Bayer for
applications requiring strength, light transmission and added protection.
Polycarbonate glazing is ideal for daylighting applications where translucence
and transparency are vital. It helps designers achieve designs not possible with
traditional glass. Applications such as canopies, facades, shelters, skylights and
security windows also benefit from the properties of polycarbonate glazing.
Building planners looking to safeguard structures from blast, ballistic, forced entry
and weather events also rely on laminated polycarbonate sheet from Bayer for
an extra element of protection.

Additionally, Bayer provides a broad range of material solutions for lighting
applications, including polycarbonate resin grades specifically developed for use
in light emitting diode (LED) applications. With properties such as high light
transmission, clarity and even thermal conductivity, polycarbonates from Bayer
are a great material choice for LED optics, lenses, enclosures and heat sinks.
Energy-efficient, sustainable polyurethane insulation.

As architect and design professionals look to reduce energy consumption in
residential and commercial buildings, an important factor is proper insulation.
Bayer provides a variety of polyurethane insulation systems and technologies,
including spray polyurethane foam insulation, rigid foam polyurethane insulation
boards and insulated metal panel systems for perimeter walls.

Another Bayer offering on display is high-performing window stiffeners. These
window stiffeners are formed from polyurethane composites and serve as an
alternative to aluminum inserts.

With a wide array of proven materials and technologies for building and
construction needs, Bayer is a go-to supplier of materials used in residential and
commercial construction applications. Visit Bayer’s booth #1654 during the AIA
Expo 2014 to learn more about these and other Bayer solutions for the building
and construction industry.