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Michelman Wins 2014 Manny Award for Developing WB Products for Auto Parts & Food Packaging

July 4, 2014

Michelman was a winner at the 2014 Manny Awards held June 18, 2014 in Cincinnati, Ohio and sponsored by Cincy Magazine. Mr. John Homoelle, Michelman's Director of New Technology and Regulatory Affairs accepted the award in the New Product Development/Innovation category.

The award was based on Michelman's introduction of a family of water-based products for use in food packaging and composite parts manufacturing applications. Using technology licensed from Dow Chemical, Michelman has developed and introduced a series of new products using water-based polymers that are more environmentally friendly, non-flammable, and that can be applied in smaller, more precise amounts.

According to Mr. Homoelle, "These water based solutions eliminate the need for hazardous solvents in a range of applications such as bonding composite auto parts and sealing food packaging. Over the last three years, we have commercialized about 150 new products using this technology and have developed a process to identify key success factors before we start on a new product."

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