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AGC FluoroCompounds Group Launched to Meet Global Demand for Custom Compounding Solutions

August 18, 2014

AGC Chemicals Americas Inc., a leader in fluorochemicals, has formed the AGC FluoroCompounds Group to focus solely on the development, production and marketing of fluoropolymer compounds.

Drawing from an extensive global supply chain of resins and fillers, the AGC FluoroCompounds Group can produce any filled PTFE or melt processable fluoropolymer compound customized to a client’s specific needs anywhere in the world. The group also offers a wide selection of off-the-shelf compounds based on AGC Fluon resins that can be used for increased chemical, wear and creep resistance, toughness, lubricity, and thermal and electrical conductivity. All products are manufactured to precise specifications.

“An innovative feature of the AGC FluoroCompounds Group is our advanced technology center with specialized resources and equipment for product development,” said Gary Eckrote, business director of AGC FluoroCompounds Group. “We have the ability to offer customers around the world all levels of service, testing and support.”

For more information about AGC FluoroCompounds Group, visit, which details Fluon products, compounding capabilities, testing and customer support services.