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DVUV Holdings, LLC Announces New Corporate Name

January 23, 2017

DVUV Holdings, LLC announces is new corporate name and a reorganization and rebranding of its operating companies. The new corporate name is Keyland Polymer Material Sciences, LLC. The new holdings company will include 4 separate operating companies: Keyland Polymer UV Application Technology, LLC; Keyland Polymer UV Resins, LTD; Keyland Polymer UV Powder, LLC; and DVUV, LLC.

This new alignment will help solidify the company’s position and message, as a global and leading developer, formulator, manufacturer, and applicator of UV-curable solid material used in graphic arts, 3D printing, UV-cured powder coatings, and other forms of UV-cured solid materials.

Michael Knoblauch, President of Keyland Polymer Material Sciences, LLC said, “We are excited for the future of Keyland Polymer Material Sciences and UV and radiation cured solid materials. We are now able market a complete product and service portfolio; basic material development, resins, finished products, application and curing technologies.”