Has been established for 40 years in Taiwan

June 9, 2014

major dealing in Fine and Specialty Chemicals, especially for inks and coatings.


1: Non-toxic Anti Corrosive Pigments: Modified Aluminum Dihydrogen Tripolyphospate (MDATP), Zinc Flake/Dust, Zinc phosphate
2: Conductive Pigments: Sn/0&Sb/0 Modified Mica, equivalent to Merck M-40
3: Aldehyde Resins: Counterpart of Laropal A81 & A101
4: Matting Agent: Equivalent to OK-520, OK-412, TS-100, C807
5: Water-based Fluorocarbon Resins
6: Good Performance Solvent for Heavy Duty Paint: PCBTF
7: Water borne: Alkyd, Epoxy Modified acrylic resin, Hydroxyl acrylic resin, saturated polyester resin for Metal Coating

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