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Superior Materials to Represent the SEFA Group

March 6, 2013

Superior Materials Inc, a large regional chemical distributor, is pleased to announce the addition of the SEFA Group’s Glassix (post-consumer) and Spherix (post-industrial) engineered functional extenders to our focused product portfolio. Established in 1946 and with headquarters in Garden City, NY, Superior Materials is now responsible for the sale of these products--designed for the paint, coatings, plastics and construction industries--in the mid-Atlantic to New England region (VA thru ME).

The SEFA Group, Inc. began recycling post-Industrial by-products in 1976 and currently produce and sell over two billion pounds of recycled minerals every year.  Over the last 36 years, they have developed several proprietary processes that are used to purify, refine and convert waste material into recycled minerals.  Their products are used in all types of construction from long-span bridges to high-rise buildings.  Many of their minerals are further processed into high-quality, engineered materials that are used in a myriad of high-value, consumer products – from paints and plastics to windshield wiper blades.

Glassix is a white low-refractive-index functional extender that is designed to improve hardness and durability in clear and pigmented polymer systems and is an excellent alternative to nepheline syenite in coatings systems.  Spherix is a unique hard solid spherical product that imparts a range of properties based on its physical characteristics.  The SEFA recycled minerals provide greater quality, durability and value for their customers – and a more sustainable future for everyone.
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