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Kelly-Moore Offers Colors for the Fall

October 16, 2013

Kelly-Moore’s has announced its colors for the 2013 fall season. They include 16 fall colors. Mary Lawlor, Kelly-Moore’s manager of color marketing, has provided commentary for three of the colors.

KMA66 Santana Soul – This color is perfect for fall because it goes beyond the bright colors that you typically think of when it comes to fall season. It’s a rich brown.

KMA50 Maui Mai Tai – This color has energy. It typifies the fall colors with the changes around us (ie the way the leaves change colors during this time of year).  It’s not quite a pumpkin, but more subdued with a pumpkin.

KMA15 Energized – This color touches on the all-important trend of nature. It works beautifully as a pop to help revitalize us during a time when there will be fewer daylight hours. It’s just a fun color.

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