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Kelly-Moore Paints Offers a Variety of Environmentally Friendly Paints

April 22, 2013

Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, Kelly-Moore Paints is one of the largest employee-owned paint companies in the United States. Each employee-owner is committed to offering quality paint products and exceptional customer service.

Trusted and preferred by professionals since 1946 as the “Painter’s Paint Store” for its high quality, performance and consistency.   Kelly-Moore remains one of the only paint companies to offer a large number of interior and exterior stock colors.

Kelly-Moore was the first major paint company to offer recycled paints. “Currently, as an environmentally responsible company, Kelly-Moore is among the leaders in the industry in zero-VOC products,” said Ryan Arakaki, director of marketing at Kelly-Moore. “The company is committed to innovating and producing high-performing, environmentally friendly paints. Kelly-Moore paint is produced, manufactured and formulated in the U.S. in an environmentally conscious way for the markets it serves.”

Kelly-Moore also offers premium zero-VOC paints such as Enviro Coat for interiors and a heat reflective paint for exteriors Enviro Coat Reflective.  In 2012, Kelly-Moore introduced new zero-VOC colorants.

Kelly-Moore provides quality solutions to make all interior and exterior painting projects look professional. Its product offering includes:

Interior Paint
• Acry-Plex Paints
• Dura-Poxy+ Enamels
• Dura-Poxy+ Porch & Floor Paints
• Enviro Coat - Zero VOC Paints
• KM Professional
• KM Commercial
Exterior Paint
• Acry-Shield Paints
• Acry-Shield Wood Stains
• Dura-Poxy+ Enamels
• Dura-Poxy+ Porch & Floor Paints
• Enviro Coat Reflective Paints
• KM Professional
• KM Commercial

There are number of factors that set Kelly-Moore's manufacturing plant apart from other paint manufacturers in terms of environmental responsibility.

“Being based in the Bay Area, where we are always thinking about the environment, Kelly-Moore is committed to meeting the top environmental concerns of California’s stringent regulations,” said Arakaki. “This commitment to the environment begins with its recycled and ‘green’ paint lines and extends to its paint manufacturing facility, which has received five of the most widely recognized green business awards from the State of California and San Mateo County. We have been recognized for our outstanding efforts to reduce pollution and solid waste, and conserve water, energy and other natural resources.
California is well known for having the toughest environmental regulations and inspection processes in the country.”

“Prior to the California Paint Stewardship Program, we were the first paint company in the industry to collect and re-manufacture quality recycled paint; we operate at an energy efficient and carbon neutral plant and we divert more than 85 percent of our waste by initiating a series of recycling programs for solid waste and wash water,”he added

The Enviro Coat line consists of a premium quality zero-VOC interior paint and an exterior heat reflective paint.

Kelly-Moore’s Enviro Coat interior flat and enamels are formulated with a 100% acrylic resin, and are zero-VOC for safe and virtually odorless application. Enviro Coat is a great coating solution for maintaining excellent interior air quality, especially during application in occupied areas, and also eliminates compounds that affect exterior air quality.
Incorporating the latest in paint technology with anti-microbial properties Enviro Coat is quick drying, has excellent hide and touch-up qualities and is washable. It’s the perfect choice for residential, commercial, retail, health care, hospitality, educational and institutional facilities or anywhere odor sensitivity is a concern.
Enviro Coat is available in flat, eggshell and semi-gloss finishes.
Kelly-Moore’s 1545 Enviro Coat Reflective is an Exterior 100% Acrylic Solar-Reflective Low Sheen Paint once applied to vertical outside walls, reflects a portion of the radiant heat from the sun away from the building.  This advanced infrared-reflective technology employs unique pigments in the paint that will not allow as much IR radiant heat to absorb into the film and wall, even when using medium and darker colors.
Enviro Coat Reflective is a functionally green paint system, and 1545 ECR is another member of  Kelly-Moore’s Earth First paint family. By reflecting some of the radiant heat away from the outside wall and keeping it cooler, expect less heat-transfer to the inside wall.  Controlling the amount of heat transferring to the inside living space, can result in cycling the air-conditioning unit with less frequency, saving energy and expense.

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