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Colors That Can Help Turn a Room Into a Better Sleeping Environment

By Mary Lawlor, manager of color marketing at Kelly-Moore Paint | September 25, 2013

Color is everywhere in our environment and it affects us both emotionally and mentally - creating mood and ambience as well as affecting our levels of energy.

A successful color scheme is a scheme that is pleasant to live with and reflects the moods and personalities of the people living in it.

Creating living areas that allow us to rest and relax are just as important as creating other places that invigorate or stimulate us. Bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens all serve different needs. Colors can be used to stimulate our senses for relaxing, entertaining and eating.

In the case of creating a sleep-friendly room, the following colors are best to use for this type of environment.

1. Blue is the number one choice for promoting restful sleep in bedrooms.
• Suggest pastel to mid toned blues like KM4976 Angelic Eyes and KM5021 Fate.

2. Warm Yellow relaxes the body by stimulating the nervous system and calming the nerves, make certain yellows a good choice.
• Suggest warm pastel or deep earth toned yellows like KM5263 Ginger Ale Fizz or KM5266 Artemis

3. Green also creates a soothing calm feeling that helps us to wind down. They can also help us to wake up feeling upbeat and positive.
• Suggest light shades like KM4851 Sea Glass or KM5152 Calming Effect

4. Soothing greys that mimic moonlight are said to cue the brain to know that it’s nighttime, time for sleep have been found to promote good sleep and motivate exercise too.
• Suggest KM5822 San Francisco Fog or KM4892 Silver Strand Beach

Kelly-Moore’s Manager of Color Marketing Mary Lawlor
Mary tracks the paint industry’s color trends and develops both consumer and trade-friendly color tools for Kelly-Moore. She is an active Industry Partner member of the American Society of Interior Design and a chair-holder in the Color Marketing Group. She speaks to design and paint groups on color forecasts and provides insight on color trends and color style evolution.
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