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Pigment Suppliers Launch New Products For Use in Paint and Coatings Formulations

By Kerry Pianoforte, Editor | January 15, 2014

Coatings World recently interviewed a number of key pigment suppliers to the paints and coatings industry. Here is quick look at some of their latest offering.

Sun Chemical Performance Pigments
recently launched its SunMica Exterior XC product line, a series of 13 pearlescent special effect pigments specifically geared for exterior coatings applications, especially powder coatings. Available in all major colors, including six particle size distributions of pearl white pigments, SunMica Exterior XC consists of thin natural mineral mica coated with optical layers of titanium dioxide and/or iron dioxide that have been specially treated to have exceptional outdoor durability. SunMica Exterior XC pigments add depth, shimmer and sparkle while creating a metallic-like effect in coatings. They also offer excellent weather stability, outstanding light fastness, humidity resistance, batch-to-batch color consistency, and superior adhesion in most coating applications.

Sun Chemical’s new SunGem XST is a premium line of effect pigments based on ultra-smooth glass platelets. Their exceptional transparency makes them ideal for use in combination with absorption pigments to provide dimensional sparkle to the most chromatic color formulations.

Benda-Lutz MAXAL:  Sun Chemical’s family of silver dollar aluminum flakes has been extended with three new grades. Benda-Lutz MAXAL 64035 is a bright 25 micron flake ideal for creating texture and sparkle in both liquid and powder coatings. Benda-Lutz® MAXAL 64055 and 64065 are 17 and 14 micron grades respectively that have the brightness and reflectivity the MAXAL family is know for, but with a smaller particle size to create coatings for customers who specifically want a smoother, finer finish.

Designed for in-plant tinting of emulsion paints and ideal for low-odor architectural coatings, Aquadisperse pigment dispersions provide extra strength and value that customers find difficult to achieve on their own, and are formulated to be heavy metal-, APEO- and VOC-free. The well balanced dispersant combination ensures broad compatibility and easy incorporation into many other applications. They also offer high physical and color stability, good wet rub resistance, meet stringent specifications, and are intermixable and pourable/pumpable.

The Aquadispersevfamily of waterborne dispersions features a range of 10 popular pigments ranging from Yellow 3, Yellow 74 and Yellow 42 to Orange 5, Red 112, Red 122, Blue 15:1, Green 7 and Black 7. Each is formulated specifically for the requirements in the South American market.

Nubiola has a number of new inorganic pigments. “We offer the best performance available in a variety of inorganic pigments chemistries: ultramarine (P Bl 29), zinc ferrite (PY 119) and oxides (PR 101, PY 42, P Blk 11, PG 17),” said Utesch. “For example Nubiperf SRD was launched in the fourth quarter and is the reddest shade blue in the ultramarine color space, while Nubicoat HWR offers performance characteristics suitable for exterior coatings and construction markets.  Nubifer Y-805K is the most heat stable zinc ferrite product in the market.” 

Lansco Colors
has recently launched a number of new products.
LANSCO 1073 DPP Orange 73, which has improved rheology compared to other products available solving a key problem with this chemistry; LANSCO 3777 Phthalo Green 7, a blue shade phthalo green, which is popular in automotive applications; LANSCO 2181 Benzimidazolone Yellow 181, which addresses needs in the red-shade yellow color space for durability, FDA approval, and cost in coatings, plastics and inks and LANSCO 1372 DPP Flame Red 272, which  represents cutting edge innovation where it brings DPP technology to the yellow-shade red color space.

Heubach recently introduced a new and innovative production line for complex inorganic colored pigments (CICPs. This new production line enables the production of chrome rutile yellows revealing premium high tinting strength pigments. The special feature of these pigments is that they not only show extremely high tint strength but they exhibit a high level of chromaticity as well.  The current focus of Heubach’s R&D department is to now ensure the availability of these brilliant pigments on large scale. This unique class of P.Br. 24 pigments is commonly used in plastics applications.

The first product introduced to the market is the HEUCODUR Yellow 2550.   It combines multiple outstanding properties in terms of chemical, temperature and weathering resistance with an extremely high tinting strength.   It also has a high level of chromaticity and is the first choice in formulating durable colours.

• HEUCOPHOS CMP is a new zinc-free addition to Heubach’s well-established anticorrosive pigment line.  We are currently in the process of introducing it to the market.  To date the performance exhibited by this product has been achieved only by using zinc containing anticorrosive.  The novel non-zinc-metal complex represents a new generation in modern environmental friendly technology without compromising the performance of demanding applications.
• Non-hazardous metal complex based on phosphate
• Effective anodic inhibition in solvent and waterborne systems
• Easy handling
• Cost-effectiveness
• Stability in a broad range of resins
• HEUCOPHOS CMP provides cost-effective universal applicability which so far has not been seen in non-zinc based anticorrosives. 
• VANADUR 2108 is a new green shade Bismuth Vanadate that is the result of a consequent development work based on the well-established VANADUR product range. VANADUR 2108 shows extraordinarily high tinting strength and very good hiding power combined with high durability, chroma and dispersibility. The high tinting strength opens a new economical dimension for end-users in the formulation of decorative, industrial, powder, coil and automotive coatings. Based on a zinc-free technology it can significantly contribute to ecological-economic balance of paints.

Sincol has just released a new O-16 for solvent.  Key C. I.’s  designed for coating application include Y-74, Y-155, R-254, R-266, and V-19.

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