Product Spec Sheets

Micropro 440W

Released by Micro Powders, Inc.

July 31, 2013

MICROPRO 440W is a finely micronized, modified polypropylene wax which has been specifically formulated for use in water reducible paints, inks and coatings.

MICROPRO 440W incorporates high molecular weight polymers in order to provide optimum mar and abrasion resistance while acting as an efficient gloss reduction additive. MICROPRO 440W will impart uniform gloss reduction and a smooth feel to surface coatings on wood, metal or paper. MICROPRO 440W is easily dispersed into most paints, inks or coatings with a high speed disperser. Due to its toughness and non-abrasive character, MICROPRO 440W will not powder or chalk when used in exterior applications.

APPLICATION AND USE LEVELS: MICROPRO 440W is especially recommended for use in wood finishes (interior or exterior). MICRPRO 440W is also suggested as a non-blocking, non-skid wax for flexographic inks on paper. Addition of MICROPRO 440W at levels of 0.5% to 2.0% (based on total formula weight) will impart excellent resistance to blocking and abrasion in water reducible paints, printing inks, and coatings. At levels of 2.0% to 5.0%, MICROPRO 440W becomes a very efficient matting agent that stays in suspension, resists burnishing and will not lose its effectiveness over an extended period of time.