Product Spec Sheets

PropylTex 140S-4550

August 7, 2013

PROPYLTEX 140S-4550 is micronized polypropylene that is manufactured using special equipment to provide a unique texturizing agent. The particle size is carefully controlled to produce a uniform textured surface in paints and coatings. PROPYLTEX 140S-4550 is produced with a narrow particle size range to ensure a consistent texture to each batch of finished coating. PROPYLTEX 140S-4550 will also impart a smoother "feel" than other types of texturizing agents.

The physical properties of polypropylene make PROPYLTEX 140S-4550 ideally suited as a texturizing agent.

The low density and insolubility characteristics of PROPYLTEX 140S-4550 will reduce or eliminate settling and provide optimum performance in aromatic systems. The high melting point of PROPYLTEX 140S-4550 will insure a consistent texture even at high baking temperatures.

PROPYLTEX 140S-4550 will provide optimum abrasion resistance, gloss control and will be less abrasive when compared to silica texturizing agents.

PROPYLTEX 140S-4550 is recommended for use in industrial paints, lacquers and coatings (e.g. wood, metal, powder or sprayed). The level of addition depends on the degree of texture desired. Usually adding 5-10% based upon resin solids of PROPYLTEX 140S-4550 will give a moderate textured finish.

Since PROPYLTEX 140S-4550 can be easily dispersed into all types of paints and coatings using a high speed mixer, the need for pre-dispersion is eliminated.