Product Spec Sheets

AquaTex 140

August 7, 2013

AQUATEX powders are produced from high density and high molecular weight polyolefins and are specifically designed to impart a controlled textured surface to water reducible paints and coatings. The high density assures stability and prevents flotation while the high molecular weight will impart toughness and mar resistance. Using sophisticated grinding and screening equipment, the particle size distribution of AQUATEX products are carefully controlled to produce a uniform textured surface. The AQUATEX powders have been designed to disperse readily into an aqueous environment and will not flocculate or agglomerate which is typical of polypropylene texture powders.

AQUATEX grades are recommended for use in aqueous paints and coatings applied over wood, pressboard or metal. Industrial paints and coatings. All types of air dry or high bake finishes.

The level of addition depends on the degree of texture desired. Usually adding 5-10% based upon resin solids of AQUATEX will give a moderate textured finish.