Product Spec Sheets

Micromide 520

Released by Micro Powders, Inc.

August 12, 2013

MICROMIDE 520 is a finely micronized EBS wax designed to impart maximum lubricity (COF) and blocking resistance in printing ink, paint or coating applications.

MICROMIDE 520 was developed to meet the needs of the formulator requiring excellent release and lubricity properties without incurring the expense or settling characteristics of PTFE.

MICROMIDE 520 will impart an excellent "feel" when incorporated into wood or plastic coatings while maintaining excellent blocking resistance. It will also reduce the dust buildup on sanding belts and effectively increase longevity when used in sanding sealers. MICROMIDE 520 will exhibit excellent solvent resistance and will not affect drying rates of air-dry systems. Unlike other wax additives for sanding sealers, MICROMIDE 520 can be easily incorporated using simple dispersion equipment without the need for grinding. MICROMIDE 520 can also be utilized as a finely micronized synthetic lubricant for powdered metals. The particle size is carefully controlled by laser diffraction analysis which gives a better particle uniformity than spray micronized EBS lubricants.

Optimum usage levels range between 0.5 and 3.0% based on total formula weight.

MICROMIDE 520 has a high melt point to provide extra heat resistance while imparting slip.

MICROMIDE 520 is not a dry blend of waxes but a homogeneous product in order to eliminate separation or settling in low viscosity systems.

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