Houghton launches Biostable Rust Veto 4295 to help prevent metal corrosion

February 6, 2012

Houghton International has introduced Rust Veto 4295, a thin film on plain carbon or low-alloy steel parts designed to protect for a year when those parts are stored indoors.

Rust Veto 4295 is a water-based rust preventive that provides protection against humidity induced corrosion. It reduces manufacturing costs because it protects metal parts without excessive carry-off, and cleanup is quick and simple said the company. Rust Veto 4295 is virtually odorless and it dries rapidly, so parts can be handled shortly after application without delaying secondary manufacturing steps or shipping.

Rust Veto 4295 also has no flashpoint, which may reduce fire insurance premiums for some manufacturers. Its low volatile organic compound (VOC) content makes it safe for California-based manufacturers affected by new South Coast Air Quality Management District regulations the company said.

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