New 7014 Legacy WhiteFrom International Coatings

March 14, 2013

Cerritos, California - International Coatings Company is excited to introduce its newly reformulated 7014 Legacy White.

7014 Legacy White was redesigned from the ground up. It offers great bleed resistance, outstanding print performance, very fast flash, excellent opacity and a matte finish. It is easyto print, results in a super soft feel and is very creamy and soft-bodied.

International Coatings has conducted beta-tests with large printers who all agree that the newly reformulated 7014 Legacy White exceeds their expectations.  Even in side-by-side print comparisons, the new 7014 Legacy White outperforms comparable competitors' brands in coverage and printability.

7014 Legacy White has great bleed resistance, can be used as an underbase or highlight white and can be printed through high mesh counts.