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Atlas Introduces New Accessories for UVTest

May 1, 2010

Atlas Material Testing Solutions has introduced three accessories to its UVTest fluorescent/UV condensation instrument. UView data acquisition software for the UVTest features remote monitoring capabilities and automatic configuration to user’s local area network. The application provides an overview of parameters to multiple UVTest instruments in the lab. Atlas uses a deionized (DI) water recirculation system for the testing of the effects of erosion due to rainfall. The water recirculation system utilizes a 53 liter tank, pump strainer and demineralizer filter cartridge. Designed to fit in the open storage area below the UVTest exposure cabinet, the recirculation system is controlled by the UVTest user interface. The UVTest is also stackable, allowing for increased capacity while maintaining the footprint of a single unit. More info: Atlas Material Testing Solutions, (773) 289-5533; Web: www.atlas-mts.com.

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