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DSM Launches NeoRad U-6288

November 9, 2010

The first easy-to-matt 100% UV curable resin.

DSM NeoResins+ has launched NeoRad U-6288, a 100 percent UV curable resin, which can be used in coatings and overprint varnishes for luxury packaging and high end promotional printing. NeoRad U-6288 offers broad formulating latitude and high matt efficiency, working with most common matting agents. This new resin is compatible with a wide range of epoxy, urethane and polyester acrylates making it easy for the formulator to enhance the performance of the coating or varnish, according to the company. Additionally, NeoRad U-6288’s use of matting agent can result in lower total cost of formulation, as less matt additive is required. NeoRad U-6288 offers the formulator opportunities to develop customized matt overprint varnishes and coatings for flexo and screen applications. Matt coatings and varnishes produced with NeoRad U-6288 do not burnish and because of its low viscosity, the resin has improved flow and more effective pigment wetting, which allows the formulator to create matt products with superior application properties, the company said.