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Emerald Specialties introduces Verdis dispersions product line

March 15, 2012

Emerald Specialties has introduced a new family of in-plant colorants to meet the demand for more environmentally friendly architectural and industrial coatings. The product line, launched under a new Verdis brand, offers a full-color palette of dispersions for in-plant use that are free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), formaldehyde and alky phenol ethoxylates (APEs). The new Verdis dispersions offer a wide compatibility with many resin systems, vehicles and additives. The Verdis dispersion line of in-plant colorants includes the full palette of 12 standard colors typically used for in-store colorants for paint applications. It also includes additional colors not used in the standard set of in-store colorants to offer more versatility. Additional colors include violet, Trans-Oxide Red and Trans-Oxide yellow. The Verdis Trans-Oxides are designed for semi-transparent wood stains. The proprietary manufacturing process for Verdis Trans-Oxides enables production of very high tinctoral strength, stable dispersions, while offering UV protection. Verdis Trans-Oxides range from approximately 40 to 44 percent pigment by weight. Other dispersions are supplied at customary tinctoral strengths practical for the specific type of pigment, ranging from 33 percent for certain organic pigments to as high as 67 percent for titanium dioxide said the company.

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