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New Monol Oligomer Technology Expands Applications for Cray Valley’s Krasol Additives

December 9, 2013

Cray Valley has introduced Krasol LBH 5000M, the newest addition to its portfolio of liquid polybutadiene additives. The mono-hydroxyl functional oligomer (monol) is a versatile additive that supports new applications for reactive polybutadienes. The monol can also be hydrogenated to produce a clear liquid (Krasol HLBH 5000M).

As a long-chain alcohol (C250), the monol retains resistance to acids and bases in harsh environments, is hydrolytically stable, and is compatible with hydrocarbons. In composite systems the oligomeric chain can promote surface modification and adhesion, as well as hydrophobicity or rheological modification. Krasol is compatible with many substrates, including polyolefins. Krasol monols can be further modified for use as macromonomers, surfactants, compatibilizers, fluid additives and other value applications.

Cray Valley’s Krasol products are linear diols. The products are typically used in performance urethane applications that require excellent hydrolytic stability and chemical resistance. Commercial Krasol products are produced with a molecular weight range of 2,000-5,000 g/mol, contain 65 percent vinyl content, and have a glass transition temperature of approximately -45 °C. Cray Valley is continuing to develop additional variants of the monol, which will create new technologies with various molecular weights and alternative uses with unsaturated or fully saturated backbones.

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