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Buhler Appoints Dolder Massara as Oxylink™ Distributor in Italy

April 5, 2011

12/09/2010 Uzwil – Dolder Massara s.r.l. is the new distribution partner of Buhler in the field of Nanotechnology. The expert in coating & paint raw materials distribution will strengthen and expand distribution of the Oxylink™ product group of the Buhler Nanotechnology business unit in Italy.

Buhler and Dolder Massara s.r.l. have signed an agreement according to which the Oxylink™ product line of Buhler will be distributed in Italy by Dolder Massara s.r.l.. Oxylink™ is an additive in particular designed for waterborne coatings, paints, inks, adhesives, and sealant. The product is manufactured by the Nanotechnology business unit of Buhler and is addressed to industrial producers. With Dolder Massara s.r.l., Buhler has been able to win an excellent distribution partner for Oxylink™ that is specifically oriented with its technical expertise and sales organization toward satisfying customer needs in the coating & paints industry. Its broad product portfolio ranging from raw materials to specialties makes Dolder Massara s.r.l. the ideal partner for developing the market potential of Oxylink™ in Italy. The contracts were signed in December 2010.

Oxylink™ is a performance additive that adresses shortcomings of waterborne resin systems in the areas of solvent resistance, blocking resistance, humidity resistance, and drying time. With its Oxylink™ technology, Buhler is aiming at a sustainable development of environmentally friendly, solventfree coating systems, for which the market share has already grown significantly over the past years. This development will be intensified in the future as a result of more rigorous global legislation. Oxylink™ is enabling many new and attractive fields of application for the waterborne market segment alongside the existing ones making a substantial contribution to environmental friendliness.

Bruno Crippa, Managing Director of Dolder Massara s.r.l., explains: “We are happy to have found Buhler as a new supplier. As one of Italy’s leading specialty chemical producers, we are always seeking innovative solutions for our customers. We are convinced that – together with Buhler and its Oxylink™ product group – we will be able to offer our customers high-quality solutions in the trendsetting area of waterbased coating sector.”

About Dolder Massara
Dolder Massara s.r.l. is a company of the Dolder Group with many years of experience in the distribtion of industrial raw materials in Italy and an extensive product portfolio that has been systematically developed over decades and is tailored to customer requirements. Dolder Massara supplies raw materials, active agents, and additives for the chemical, paints, plastics, and rubber industries and is synonymous in these fields for outstanding technical expertise in sales and consulting, excellent local networking, and top-class logistics.

For more information, please contact:
Corina Atzli, Head Corporate Communications, Bühler AG, CH - 9240 Uzwil, Switzerland, Phone +41 71 955 33 99, Fax +41 71 955 38 51,

Dr. Frank Tabellion, Managing Director, Bühler PARTEC GmbH, Science Park 2,
D - 66123 Saarbrücken, Germany, Phone +49 681 394 6553, Fax +49 681 394 6568, E-mail

Bruno Crippa, Managing Director, Dolder Massara s.r.l., P.zza Tranquillo Zerbi, 3,
I - 21047 Saronno (VA), Italy, Phone +39 02 964 260 11, Fax +39 02 383 007 25, E-mail

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