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02 PPG Industries

July 1, 2014

02 PPG Industries
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania/USA

REVENUE: $12.78 billion s (2012: $11.48 billion)

• Aerospace coatings • Packaging coatings
• Automotive OEM coatings • Industrial coatings
• Automotive refinish coatings • Protective and Marine coatings
• Architectural coatings        

Charles E. Bunch, chairman and CEO; Michael H. McGarry, executive VP; Viktor R. Sekmakas, executive VP; Cynthia A. Niekamp, senior VP, automotive OEM coatings; Bryan Iams, VP, corporate communications, marketing, and government and community affairs; Charles F. Kahle II, VP, coatings research and development and CTO; Barry N. Gillespie, VP, Aerospace Products; Timothy M. Knavish, VP, Protective and Marine Coatings; John R. Outcalt, VP, Global Automotive Refinish;  Michael Horton, president, PPG Asia Pacific and VP, Automotive Refinish and Architectural Coatings, Asia Pacific; Jean-Marie Greindl, president, PPG EMEA and VP, Automotive Coatings, EMEA; Gregory B. Benckart, VP, Automotive Refinish, Americas; Gary R. Danowski, VP, Automotive Refinish, EMEA; John C. Richter, VP, Operations, Coatings, Asia Pacific; Vincent Robin, VP, Automotive Coatings, Asia Pacific; Scott B. Sinetar, VP, Architectural Coatings, North America; James G. Stutelberg, VP, Automotive Coatings, Americas; Ram Vadlamannati, VP, Architectural Coatings – EMEA; Willie Wu (Chunping), VP, Industrial Coatings, Asia Pacific; Pauline Yuen, VP, Refinish Coatings, Asia; Shelley J. Bausch, VP, Global Industrial Coatings; David J. Cole, VP, Packaging Coatings; Anup Jain, VP, Specialty Coatings and Materials; Kevin D. Braun, VP, Industrial Coatings, Americas; Diane Kappas, VP, Protective and Marine Coatings, Americas.   

Sales of PPG Industries’ three coatings business segments – Performance Coatings, Industrial Coatings and Architectural Coatings EMEA – combined for $12.78 billion in revenue in 2013, up from $11.48 billion the year before.  

“Thanks to our customers and employees throughout the world, 2013 was one of the most successful years in our company’s 130-year history, both financially and strategically,” said Charles Bunch, chairman and CEO. “As we look forward, a key focus is to achieve further growth in each of our businesses and regions. To help drive our growth, we are continuing to evaluate potential acquisitions, are expanding our organic capital funding, including several key projects like a new coatings manufacturing facility in Russia, are emphasizing our new product development pipeline, and are investing more in PPG’s brands.”

Performance Coatings, comprised of the refinish, aerospace, protective and marine and architectural – Americas and Asia Pacific coatings businesses, reported net sales increased $1.12 million to $5.87 million primarily due to net sales from businesses acquired and modestly higher pricing partially offset by lower sales volumes. Automotive refinish volumes were level with the prior year as growth in the Asia Pacific and Latin American regions offset volume declines in Europe, while the North American refinish volumes were consistent with 2012. Offsetting the segment sales volume gains was a decline in volume in the protective and marine coatings business due to further, notable weakness in the Asian marine new-build market reflecting lower global demand. U.S. and Canada architectural coatings sales volume declined by low-single-digit percentages with mid-to-high single digit percentage same store growth in company-owned stores, lower sales in national retail accounts  and lower sales in the independent dealer channel.

Industrial Coatings, which includes automotive OEM, industrial coatings and packaging coatings, saw net sales increase $466 million from the prior year, to $4.86 million primarily due to volume growth and net sales from acquired businesses. In 2013, PPG’s global automotive OEM coatings sales volumes grew 10 percent, outpacing global industry auto production growth of approximately three percent year-over-year. The industrial coatings business experienced varied sales volume results by region compared with the prior year, as strong improvements across emerging regions and modestly higher volumes in North America were offset by weak demand in Europe.

Architectural Coatings – EMEA net sales decreased to $85 million due to lower sales volumes as economic conditions worsened in most European countries. However, market demand improved somewhat in the second half of the year but remained negative overall and mixed across the region. Poor weather conditions in the first half of 2013 were also a contributor to the decline in sales volumes. The decline in sales volumes was partially offset by the impacts of favorable pricing and foreign currency translation.

Key Developments 2013

• Finalized the separation of PPG’s former commodity chemicals business.
• Completed the acquisition of the North American architectural coatings business of AkzoNobel.
• Acquired certain assets of specialty coatings provider Deft Inc., enhancing PPG’s aerospace coatings product portfolio.
• Opened a new electronic materials group manufacturing cell at PPG’s Springdale, PA facility, positioning PPG in the fast-growing global electronics market for conductive inks and coatings.
• Opened a new automotive OEM coatings development and application center in Tianjin, China.
• Inaugurated a new manufacturing facility for the production of heavy-duty equipment coatings in Tianjin, China
• Established a new North American architectural coatings headquarters in Cranberry Township, PA and announced expansion of PPG’s technology center in Harmar Township, PA.
• Announced plans to invest $60 million in a new manufacturing facility and commercial operation in the Lipetsk region of Russia. The project is anticipated to be completed in 2015.