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Fulflo® ProBond™

Released by Parker Hannifin | domnick hunter Process Filtration

By Ron Fall, Senior Prinicipal Engineer | February 27, 2014

Economical & Environmental Filtration Solutions for High Viscosity Fluid Processing


The filtration of high viscosity fl uids is often considered one of the most diffi cult applications within fl uid processing operations. In some cases, a fl uid with the characteristics of 10 weight oil is considered very viscous, but in other instances, fl uids that have the consistency of cold molasses are considered to be problematic. In reality, these two fl uid types are drastically different by an order of several thousand centipoise (cP).

This case study illustrates how Parker domnick hunter’s Fulfl o® ProBond™ phenolic resin bonded depth cartridge helped a silicone sealant manufacturer fi nd a method to re-process the product in order to meet quality standards and resolve issues with formation of gels resulting in reduced waste and less production downtime.


Typical to processing of viscous fl uids, this manufacturer was experiencing an upset condition that resulted in the formation of gels within the fi nished bulk materials. Such gel formations cause bridging at nozzle openings and result in an inconsistent bead of sealant when applied. Plugging at the nozzle also results in waste and additional downtime required for premature cleaning or replacement. Subsequently, the sealant manufacturer was required to store waste material in drums until time of disposal, which would cost $400 per drum. In an attempt to reduce these costs, the manufacturer evaluated other processing methods to remove the gels from the material. This included a disc type self-cleaning fi lter purportedly designed for gel removal, as well as utilization of various screen type surface media. Both alternative processing methods were unable to meet the quality requirements.

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