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Wagner's New COLORSELECT X Offers Powder Color Changes

February 5, 2014

The new ColorSelect X from Wagner Industrial Solutions is designed for the quickest powder color change while providing the least potential for cross contamination and powder loss. Wagner ColorSelect X incorporates a simple, robust pneumatic control system of up to 10 powder feed systems including hopper fluidizing air, powder injector feed air, and dosage air. The operator control panel includes an intuitive selection dial, and quick connect ports for up to 10 colors. The primary features and advantages of our new ColorSelect X include:
·         Super-quick color changes, as fast as 20 seconds
·         EPG-Sprint recipe control
·         Quick connect ports for up to 10 colors
·         Least potential for powder loss and cross-contamination
·         Easy to maintain, and requires 5 simple steps to operate
·         Lowest cost of ownership