Guardian Industries Patents Titanium Dioxide Coatings

March 2, 2014

U.S. 8,545,899 B2
Guardian Industries Corp. has been awarded a patent for a method of forming an anatase titanium dioxide coating having a roughened surface on a substrate comprised of preparing a TiO2 sol-gel composition; adding colloidal silica particles to the composition to form a combined TiO2 and colloidal silica sol-gel composition, wherein the colloidal silica particles have an average particle size of 70 nm to 100 nm; coating the substrate with the combined sol-gel composition; and heating the coated substrate at a temp. from 550° C to 650° C to form a surface roughened anatase titanium dioxide coating; wherein the surface roughened TiO2 coating has a mean square roughness from 8 nm to 12 nm; and the combined TiO2 and colloidal silica sol-gel composition comprises colloidal silica in an amount less than or equal to 20 percent weight relative to a total weight of the sol-gel composition.