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Sherwin-Williams Unveils Loxon XP IR Reflective Coating Offering Cooler Interiors

March 24, 2014

Sherwin-Williams has launched Loxon XP IR reflective coating. Loxon XP IR Reflective Coating integrates concrete and masonry protection with advanced infrared technology that reflects solar rays back into the atmosphere. The result is lower exterior surface temperatures, less heat gain, reduced building energy consumption, cooler interior temperatures and increased occupant comfort with an attractive appearance that withstands the elements, according to the company.

Because Loxon XP IR’s advanced infrared technology contains pigments that reflect ultraviolet (UV) rays back into the atmosphere, it helps reduce a building’s exterior surface temperature, especially if it’s exposed to constant sunlight. It also cools interiors, helping to reduce energy use.

Loxon XP IR provides the same high-build performance and outstanding protection as Loxon XP for concrete, cement composition panels, concrete block, brick and stucco. These high-build coatings provide a breathable, elastic finish that helps bridge hairline cracks and can be applied in one less coat compared to conventional masonry coatings, saving time and labor. They are tough enough to withstand wind-driven rain, heat, humidity and salt air, and resistant to high alkalinity, efflorescence, chalking and fading. In addition, Loxon XP IR and Loxon XP allow for quick application, durability and an attractive finish and may be applied to surfaces with a pH of up to 13.

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