Surfactants Directory

March 24, 2014

Here is a look at the latest offerings from select surfactants suppliers. For more information on the products listed, please contact the company directly.

Evonik Corporation
Hopewell, VA
Fax: 804-541-6290
Email: asktego@evonik.com
Web: www.tego.us

TEGO Twin 4200
Attributes/comments: TEGO Twin 4200 is the new universal substrate-wetting additive for waterborne wood coatings and printing inks, which can also be used in solventborne and even UV coatings. TEGO Twin 4200 100% active matter content allows for its use in modern zero VOC formulations.

Troy Corporation
Florham Park, NJ
Fax:  973-443-0843
Web: www.troycorp.com

Troysol ZLAC
Attributes/comments: Troysol ZLAC is a multifunctional substrate wetting and flow & leveling additive that is free of VOCs, APE, and silicone. ZLAC promotes strong surface tension reduction, enabling uniform coverage over low energy and contaminated substrates. ZLAC imparts surface smoothness, higher gloss, and excellent color acceptance.

Troysol 382
Attributes/comments: Ideal for materials applied at high speed, multifunctional Troysol 382 improves substrate wetting and flow & leveling by significantly reducing dynamic and static surface tension in aqueous coatings, inks, and adhesives. The use of 382 minimizes foam and eliminates surface defects.

Siltech Corporation
Toronto, Canada
Fax: 416-424-3158
Email: Robert@siltech.com
Web: www.siltech.com

Silsurf B608
Attributes/comments: Silsurf B608 is a self-emulsifying non-ionic silicone surfactant used to prepare stable O/W and S/W emulsions and to enhance wetting in various personal care and industrial formulations. It provides softness and shine to hair and detangling for wet hair.

Silube J208-i series
Attributes/comments: Silube J208-2i through Silube J208-8i is a series of four non-ionic silicone glycol surfactants designed to emulsify O/W to W/O systems and provide stable emulsions as the only emulsifier with side benefits of soft feel and strong surface wetting.

Solvay Novecare
Cranbury, NJ
Email: novecareCC@solvay.com
Web: www.solvay.com

Attributes/comments: RHODOLINE 2700 is a low form nonionic wetting agent especially suited for satin and semi-gloss architectural paints, coatings, colorants and ink applications. Excellent color acceptance and rub-up, excellent scrub and stain resistance, excellent heat age stability.

Attributes/comments: APE and VOC free high HLB nonionic emulsifier specifically designed for emulsion polymerization applications. Drop-in replacement for corresponding APE containing emulsifiers. Recommended for all-acrylic, vinyl/acrylic and styrene acrylic systems. Emulsifier or post add. Provides excellent chemical mechanical and heat stability. CW

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