Polyesters Crosslinked with Melamine Formaldehyde

March 25, 2014

U.S. 8,562,775 B2
OMNOVA Solutions Inc. has been granted a method of providing an article with a thermoformed exterior, outward facing surface, the method comprised of thermoforming to an exterior surface of the article a composite so as to provide a laminate, the composite is comprised of a substrate bearing a coating on a surface opposite the side of the substrate contacting the exterior surface of the article; and heating the laminate to a temperature of at least 83° C for at least 30 seconds so as to cure the laminate, thereby providing the thermoformed surface, the coating being the partially crosslinked product of ingredients that comprise a polyester, an alkyl-etherified melamine formaldehyde compound and, based on the combined weight of the polyester and alkyl-etherified melamine formaldehyde compound from approximately one-15 percen of a thermally activatable catalyst.